Our parish priest is Fr Pat Munroe, a native of Mayo, who has been working in the Diocese of Shrewsbury since his ordination.  Fr Pat has worked in many of the parishes in the Diocese; most recently he was at Our Lady and the Apostles in Stockport, and came to us in September 2017.  You can read a little more about him in the Parish history section. Fr Pat is ably assisted by Fr Tomasz Mamelka who arrived at the beginning of September when Fr Dominic Alih left us.  We expect Fr Tomasz to be with us

Fr Pat was taken ill in early 2019, and the parish was cared for by clergy from our local parishes, especially Fr John Rafferty (now retired) of St Vincent’s, and Fr Dominic Alih, a Spiritan Priest who came to us for three months from Glasgow, up until September 2019 when Fr Tomasz Mamelka arrived from Szczecin, Poland to look after the parish.  Fr Tomasz has previously worked at Our Lady and the Apostles church in Stockport with Fr Pat and we are very pleased that he has been able to join us for the long term while Fr Pat works on his recovery. 

We are part of Local Missionary Area 15 which consists of St Vincent’s in Altrincham, Holy Angels in Hale Barns and ourselves here in Timperley.  We are led by the senior priest, Fr Martin Onuoha of Holy Angels.  The group meets roughly four times per year and we share information and events between our three parishes.  The minutes of the meetings are posted on the church noticeboards and can be read here.

We have good links with the other parishes in our area, and share information and events with them also.


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