The new parish hall is now open for use.  Please click here for a list of activities during the week.  For further details of the groups, please see the social activities page.

The hall is available for hire at weekends.  Please contact the parish secretary for information either by email to or by telephone to 0161 973 1694.  Office hours are Tuesday - Friday 9.30 - 12.30 am.

New parish hall





The old Parish Hall or Parish Centre was formerly the original Church of St Hugh of Lincoln which served the parish until the present church was opened in 1981.  



It was available for hire by adults, mainly at weekends. Children’s parties were permitted, but not teenage or 18th birthday parties. Capacity was 100 maximum. There was no bar or catering facilities on the premises. Disclaimers had to be signed by those who wished to provide their own food and drink.