Parish Finance

The Parish Finance Committee

Its role is to help and advise the Parish Priest in his role as administrator of the parish money and property. It meets two or three times a year, and annually issues a financial report to parishioners. Its members are:-

Terry Goodill (Chair), Michael Braid (Secretary), Geraldine Jackson (Deputy Secretary), Raffaella Livesey (Parish Accountant), Marie Murray, John Shuttleworth, Michael Sullivan and Fr. Pat Munroe. They can be contacted through the Parish Office: 0161 973 1694;

Parish Gift Aid Organiser:- Terry Goodill: Tel. 0161 282 8437; Email:

Whether you are new to the parish or not, if you would like to start using offertory envelopes, make a standing order to the parish, or wish to join the Planned Giving and/or Gift Aid Schemes, contact him and he will explain further and advise you.

Planned Giving Scheme

This is of great benefit to the Church. Not only does it enable a parish to cover its own costs, but also provides assistance for poorer parishes struggling to meet their bills and for larger Diocesan projects such as the building and maintenance of our Catholic Schools. Parishioners are therefore encouraged to use the Offertory Envelope Scheme, or to make a Standing Order to the Parish Account. If you wish to know more about this, or to participate in either of these schemes, please contact our Parish Gift Aid Organiser (details above).

The Gift Aid Scheme

Gift Aid enables parishes to reclaim tax on donations that are ALREADY being made at the Offertory and in many other ways – i.e. donations for special purposes and Retiring Collections. It is immensely valuable: every £10 pound you donate is worth approximately £12.50 to the Church when it claims back the tax you have already paid. So please do make use of this scheme if you are a tax-payer.

If you wish to join the scheme, all you have to do is to make a simple declaration that you wish your donations to qualify for a tax refund under the Gift Aid Scheme. This declaration may be made on a written Gift Aid Declaration Form (available from the parish or from the Diocesan office) or it can be made over the telephone, fax or by email to the Diocesan Office. You will be asked to give your name and address and confirm that you are paying sufficient income tax and that you wish to be part of the Gift Aid Scheme.

Gift Aid involves no commitment to give any particular amount and no long-term commitment. You may cancel your membership of the scheme at any time.

There are only two conditions with which you must comply:-

  1. i) you must be paying at least as much tax as the parish will reclaim; and
  2. ii) the donations you make to the Church on which a tax refund is to be claimed must be given either by Offertory Envelopes, by Cheque or by Banker’s Standing Order. It does not matter which rate of income tax you pay.

If you would like to be part of this scheme, please contact our Parish Gift Aid Organiser (details above).


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